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About Me

Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm a functional medicine health coach, a chronic illness patient, avid cook, and enthusiastic sailor. I was diagnosed with a complex chronic condition in high school, and spent the following years studying and searching for answers. I've spent over a decade as a patient navigating the medical system and gleaning the best insights from practitioners ranging from academic medicine to more alternative forms of healing. Eventually, I realized this experience could be leveraged to bring transformation and growth to those struggling with their health.

Prior to health coaching, I did a variety of freelance and research work for think tanks and philanthropic consulting. I jokingly referred to my career switch into health coaching as "monetizing my existential crisis", but my self-effacing (attempt at) humor belies a greater truth: taking what was once a source of immense shame and frustration and using that knowledge to support others is one of the greatest ways to transcend suffering.

For me, health goes beyond the scale or a page lab results: it's having the energy to be outside, throw dinner parties, build a business doing meaningful work, and give back to my community.

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